Adversarial Mindset

Adapt to Overcome

Thinking Critically

I have been espousing the need for taking a proactive stance with applying critical thinking over the years.  Throughout the last decade and a half I have been promoting the fundamental concept of seeking knowledge and understanding through questioning the status quo.  As time went on, and due to the career field I was in, this naturally turned into adopting the practices around applying analytical thinking through the lens of the adversary, especially as it applied to offensive security operations and other related activities.

The fundamental process of thinking like an adversary boils down to simple to understand but difficult to apply constructs.  An adversary seeks to compromise their target through any means necessary; therefore, one must adapt to overcome these threats by approaching problem sets as an adversary and the capabilities they wield.  One must not be myopic about the thought exercise either, for adversarial actions can occur through various methods, including those that are not readily apparent to the practitioner.

I’ve had several false starts over the years trying to get a medium of choice setup as an outlet for my thoughts on this and related concepts.  This site will serve as that outlet; one which I can write about these topics and other areas I find interesting, and hopefully spark friendly collaboration and intellectual sparring with other like-minded individuals.